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Surcharge Explained

- We quote one bottle price based on dozen purchases (that is, we don't have a higher price for singles as most do). The surcharge allows customers not to purchase a full dozen. We think it would be dishonest to charge 10% (for example) more for single bottles and remove the surcharge. This will nearly always be more than $10.00 in total (a process employed by many including the 'supermarket' chains).

- Carriers charge us the same for 12 bottles as they do 6. So when you purchase 6 bottles for example, we make the profit for 6 bottles yet pay the freight for 12. We also pay insurance on the full value of the order.

- The surcharge does incentivise dozen purchasing (which are significantly quicker, easier and safer to pack than an order with 6 different bottles for example). It results in 96% of orders being in dozen lots which allows us to be ultra efficient and keep our prices down. There needs to be a 'reward' for buying in dozen lots. The alternative is picking orders with 5 and 7 and 11 bottles all day which simply wouldn't work.

- It is true that some retailers are freight or surcharge free under $200 or $300 etc but our model supports the ability to buy both dozen lots and also access mixed dozens. Not many retailers will allow the purchase of 6 or 12 different bottles in a dozen.

Rather than be a 'me too' retailer, we implemented this system 23 years ago and it has held us in good stead while others have come and gone. We hope this explanation gives more clarity.