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What Is StarCellar?
Introducing StarCellar© our program to help you build up your own cellar, under perfect conditions and at the best rates available with climate controlled wine storage.
How does it work and can I access my wine?
For just under $4.00 per bottle we will ensure your prized possessions are cellared at a constant 14°C & 70 % humidity for an annual. You can take delivery of your wine at any time. You purchase your wine at WineStar through the normal channels. WineStar will then deliver the wine on your behalf to your climate controlled cellarage, who will then contact you to set up a new account (a separate account if you have an existing account with them). Using a state of the art inventory system, you can view each bottle in your collection online, wherever you are in the world. Deliveries can also be arranged through your online account. Here are some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about the StarCellar© program:

What about Cellarage Security?
· Each client’s wine goes into its own unique location at either a Sydney or Melbourne facility.
· Additional cases are contributed to that location, to avoid movement/ disturbance of the wine.
· The area is secured via CCTV back to base monitoring with camera ports throughout the facility..
· Access to the area is limited to highly trained staff members.

· The insurance is covered in the once off bottle cost; and is for all risks/ all contingencies.

If I decide I would like my wine, how much will it cost to send it to me?
· The cellarage will deliver the wine themselves, nationally for market freight cost

If I live in Sydney or Melbourne, can I pick my wine up?
· A client can pick up their wine within a days notice without freight charge.

What happens at the end of the cellaring term?
· You may either have your wine delivered to you, or we will simply roll the term over for another period, based on the rate at the time of roll over. Rates are reviewed at the end of each year, but note they have only risen by a total $0.50 per bottle per year in the past 10 years! Any increases will take place on January 1st the following year. 

· A minimum initial and subsequent order of 12 bottles straight or mixed is required to enter the StarCellar program.
· WineStar reserves the right to transfer wine and continue the StarCellar program with another cellarage facility. WineStar will be responsible for any costs incurred in this unlikely event.

For any other questions, please email