WineStar Rating System

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WineStar Quality Rating System
98-100 points Perfect, faultless, an absolute rare classic
95-97 points Exceptional wine, a benchmark of its class
90-94 points Excellent wine of style and character
85-89 points Very Good wine with a modicum of class
80-84 points Good, pleasant to drink though unexciting
75-79 points Average wine, no discernible fault but bland
70-74 points Poor winemaking or fruit, not faulty, water anyone?
Not Rated (N/R) Faulty
WineStar Value Rating System
Exceptional  As good as you can buy for this money, absolute bargain
Very Good Great deal for the buyer
Good Underpriced for the quality of the wine
Average You get what you pay for, just
Poor Paying above the odds for this sort of quality

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