Heat Policy

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At WineStar, we cellar all of our wines in a state-of-the-art climate control which is the envy of the retail fine wine industry. All dispatched orders are treated with the utmost care. Orders travel over night, wines are bottom stacked and we stipulate to all transport companies the need to keep wines cool, dark and dry at all times.

During the ordering process, you may request we hold your order(s) in instances of extreme heat, until there is a clear path of non-extreme temperatures between ourselves and you. All orders are picked and packed and resting blissfully in our cellarage awaiting better conditions to send the wine when it will be dispatched overnight and kept cool, dark and dry all the way to you.

As usual, the customer is always right and you may request immediate delivery despite the heat (at your risk). We will keep in constant contact with recipients but as a rule, unless specified we will hold rather than risk spoiling the wine. We welcome a comparison of these facilities and policy to any of our competitors.