Heat Policy

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What is your Heat Policy?

All online orders are given the option of our Heat Policy at checkout. In instances of extreme heat, orders are held in our climate control until there is a clear path of milder temperatures. Our policy since been adopted by many fine wine retailers.

The Heat Policy kicks in at 29°C (BOM Forecast) at either origin or destination. In the peak of hot season, this may add a few days to shipping to the East. However, it could add many days shipping to WA as we only use 7 day forecasts which is similar to the shipping time so we err on the side of caution.

Of course you may decline the heat policy at checkout or request immediate dispatch at any point after purchase, at your risk. Failing that, we will keep your wine in our climate control at no cost and check forecasts for all destinations daily with periodic reminders to you. 

Please note, our Heat Policy is based on forecast (not eventual) temperatures. WineStar will not be liable for an unforeseen fluctuation in the forecast temperature or if wine is delivered outside of the delivery times estimated in our shipping calculator. 

How are the wines cellared and transported?

WineStar cellars all of our wines in a state-of-the-art climate control which is the envy of the retail fine wine industry. All dispatched orders are treated with the utmost care. Orders travel overnight, wines are bottom stacked and we stipulate to all transport companies the need to keep wines cool, dark and dry at all times. 

It is also worth reading our Heat Policy to appreciate the level of care for your valuable wine. We welcome a comparison of our facilities and heat policy to any of our competitors (many of which have adopted our policy)!