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Established in 1975 by Ron and Elva Laughton, Jasper Hill producers some of Australia‚Äôs most compelling and sought after wines. Located at Heathcote in Central Victoria on ancient Cambrian soils-deep, red coloured, well drained gravely loams on undulating hillsides. These support low-vigour vine growth without the need for  supplementary irrigation.

The wines are produced entirely on the estate using organic/biodynamic principles. Inter row mulching and self made organic compost is used to improve soil organic matter. This allows greater bio-diversity in micro flora and fauna, supporting large earthworm populations beneficial for natural soil fertility. Following these principles no synthetic chemicals have ever been applied to the soils or vines. Vines are grown on un-grafted root-stock and non irrigated, expressing flavours and characteristics natural to their variety and terroir. Grown at elevations of 1000 feet the vines benefit from warm days but cool nights, imperative for natural acid retention and structure. None of the wines from Jasper Hill vineyards has even been acid adjusted at any stage. These are natural wines of striking purity.

(with 3% Cabernet Franc) Typical complex creamy mint, aniseed, asian spice characters with a hint of chocolate in a generous and powerful wine of exceptional elegance, length and balance between the natural acidity and impeccable tannins. This one is as good as it gets. Long cellaring will reward, but it is delicious now! 15.0% alc/vol


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