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Shipping Calculator

For freight charges, estimated delivery times and the freight services available in your area, please use our Shipping Calculator by clicking here


Freight Services

We offer the following freight services which is dependant on your Postcode:

Aramax Couriers
To a Business address or Residential address where it's safe to leave unattended if no-one is available to accept delivery. We discourage this service when going to a Residential address if someone is required to be home to accept delivery.  More information can be found by clicking here

Australia Post
To a PO Box, Business or Residential address. This is the preferred choice if the order needs to be accepted in person and is unable to be left unattended. If you miss the postman at the time of delivery, the order is returned to your local Post Office for collection. More information can be found by clicking here

Star Premium
This is our specialised wine delivery service. More information can be found by clicking here



For non-dozen lots we still have to pay full dozen freight, insurance as well repacking costs.

The surcharge for non-dozen lots is $10.
The surcharge for less than 6 bottles total is $20.

There are NO surcharges when in dozen lots (straight or mixed)

Freight Times

Freight times are estimates from the freight carriers and not guaranteed, but they are accurate for almost all orders assuming delivery to a manned address or an authority to leave.

Heat Policy

In instances of extreme heat, by choosing 'Yes' to the Heat Policy on checkout, your wine will be held in our climate control at no cost to you until there is a clear path of milder temperatures between us and you. Alternatively, you may request immediate dispatch despite the heat (at your risk) by choosing 'No'. More information can be found by clicking here


Cancellations are permitted but do incur a fee to cover our costs. More information can be found by clicking here

Online Tracking

You can track your order by clicking here