Ferron Carnaroli is the first choice of many Italian chefs for cooking the perfect risotto. This is because it tends to retain its texture and not over-cook easily. It is the ideal rice to use with ingredients that tend to release a lot of fluid such as seafood, tomatoes and mushrooms. It is also perfect for rice salads. Cooking time is 14 to 15 minutes for ‘al dente’.

Ferron Carnaroli super-fine rice is slightly longer and thinner than Vialone Nano. It has a slightly nutty flavour. Carnaroli rice is resistant to over-cooking. It also has a high amylose content much like Vialone Nano (23.9% for Vialone and 24.1% for Carnaroli). This relatively high amylose content gives Carnaroli the admirable quality of a allowing a significant window between cooked and overcooked risotto.


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Brand Ferron
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