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The dictionary definition of ‘Riposte’ (pronounced rip-posst) is comeback, reply, retort, or in the context of the sport of fencing a quick counter stroke. After over a decade of confusion about his name ‘Riposte’ was chosen as an appropriate name for a ‘comeback label’ by Tim Knappstein.

The Sword Name - ‘The Scimitar’ is a wide, curved blade Sabre, derived from the central Asian Turko-Mongolian Sabre of the 13th Century. Commonly used across the Islamic world the Scimitar was a slashing rather than a stabbing blade. The grapes for this wine were grown on the vineyard of Darry and Chris Honey. Located at Watervale, the vineyard is situated on the famed strip of Terra Rossa soil to the east of the town. 


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