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Weingut Max Ferdinand Richter has been producing Riesling in the Mosel since 1680. The Richter wines exude great class and breeding along with their classical Mosel raciness, fruitiness and mineral complexity. This Estate relies purely on must weight for the quality and grip which makes Richter not only one of the most exciting estates in Germany, but one of the finest exponents of Riesling anywhere in the world. The noble Riesling grape is amazingly resilient on the steep slate slopes of the magnificent Mosel, a run of great vintages has witnessed Mosel Riesling climbing back onto the mantle were it so deservedly belongs.

12.5% alc/vol . Quite a lot of botrytis with candied peel and almost stone fruit ripeness and mineral notes. The palate is rich and weighty with candied peel flavors and a ripping acid finish.

The 2006 Richter’s – similar to the ‘67s but more concentrated! The 2006 vintage in the Mosel produced yields lower than both the 2005 and 2003 and Oechsle levels higher than both 2005 and 2003. Amazingly the ripeness and high degree of the fruity tartaric acidity is such that these wines  show great harmony and have the necessary structure to age gracefully for many years. Rigorous selection to separate any rotten fruit from botrytised fruit, and it is the quality of the botrytised fruit which is so distinctive in 2006, will ultimately define the quality between Producers. Winemaking differed from the 2005s in that the must was clarified by settling the juice and racking off any solid matter, natural ferments where possible to avoid higher than normal alcohols given by the cultured yeasts and slightly higher SO2 addition at bottling. As normal practice with a fine and conscientious producer such as Max Ferd Richter all wines have been downgraded, for example all the 2006s labelled Kabinett could have easily been bottled as Auslese but the prices remain at Kabinett level prices! Euan McKay; December 2007


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