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Krug’s vintage philosophy is to make a statement to reflect the story of the year rather than a creative expression. 2000 follows 1998 because, in Olivier’s words, “1999 was a good year in Champagne but nothing exciting.”Cavill summed it up as “a year of no faults but no story to tell.” 2000, by comparison, has quite a story. The end of 1999 brought the two biggest wind storms in France in the century, blacking out two-thirds of the country on the night before the turn of the millennium. It was a year with little sun but above average temperatures.
The potential for a Krug vintage wine is identified during the blending of Grande Cuvée and only after the blend has been secured and all of the reserves earmarked. “Our goal and challenge with Grand Cuvée is to make a consistent wine that erases all the character of the vintage,” Olivier explained. The most extreme and spectacular wines are kept aside as reserve wines and those with the most pronounced character of the vintage become the vintage wine.
The 2000, which was the hottest year in Champagne for 40 years, is vastly different to Krug’s last vintage, the 1998, which was all about precision with that tight and focussed finish (not to mention the fact that it was – unusually for Krug – dominated by Chardonnay). Nicknamed ‘indulgence’, the 2000 is full and frank, big and bold, broad and ballsy. I can’t think of a Champagne that’s better equipped to be paired with food and is rich in the extreme. It moves from Digestive biscuit flavours to being mineral, earthy, mushroomy and then embraces a rich baked bread character and spiciness towards the end. It’s a beguiling wine. I wouldn’t say the wine is so much indulgent as greedy, which is how I felt as I supped on Krug and munched on pastry well before 10am, but if anything, I like to think of it as a selfless dedication to the beautiful greedy cause that is Krug 2000. Jane Parkinson

There’s a gentle and calm demeanour to Krug 2000 that belies its tumultuous season. In spite of its glowing generosity it’s somehow transfixed in time, held in suspended animation and astonishingly unchanged from its release two years ago, yet somehow even more expressive than I have ever seen it. The sheer endurance of even a warm Krug vintage is a marvel indeed. This season has found a new lease on life in the capable hands of Krug, shot with indelible definition of crunchy lemon zest and tightly coiled acid line that draws its multifaceted complexity into tight control. It’s aglow with yellow summer fruits and grapefruit, with the great intensity of Krug resonating in rumbling depth of figs, dried peaches, molten wax, exotic spice, vanilla, green olives and hints of smouldering hearth. Deep-set mineral expression and silky texture underscore a finish of sheer concentration and remarkable poise. Right at its prime, with a longer future before it than I ever expected. " - 98 Points Tyson Stelzer
Composed of 43% chardonnay, 42% pinot noir and 15% pinot meunier, the only Grand Marque to use pinot meunier in its vintage releases. Glowing, bright green - gold, the palate is an intense battle for supremacy between the layered richness that is the DNA of all Krugs, with roasted nuts, figs and honey on one side, glorious grapefruit, Meyer lemon and mineral acidity on the other. Krug is the greatest wine of Champagne. Rating: 99 Points; James Halliday; Wine Companion


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