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Great winter rain allowed dams to fill to capacity. Relatively mild and dry conditions in September brought on an early budburst. November and December was challenging due to wind and rain but vigilant growers were rewarded. Soil moisture levels were high leading into veraison (the onset of ripening).  At harvest yields were down but flavour intensity and quality were up. Harvested in the cool of the night, fruit was chilled and crushed with 6 hours skin contact to extract a hint of pink from the Black Muscat. Juice underwent a 100%  stainless steel ferment with aromatic yeast at 12 deg C. Chilling and fermentation stopped at 5.5 be. Cold filtered (0 deg C) to trap in the natural bubbles and cold bottled under pressure to retain freshness and effervescence.  
Fairy floss, sherbert, pink grapefruit & mandarin. Musk humbugs or the toffee apple stand at the Healesville Show. Palate: Rhubarb crumble, toffee apple. Persistent fizz with a brown pear and tamarillo skin finish. Tastes like kisses. Have with strawberry crepes and ice cream. Fresh fruit.  Makes great Turkish Delight and sorbet.
This is so popular that, at the winery, this is served on tap. At the bottleshop, however, you can find it in a 750ml or 375ml bottle, and now sold in 250ml cans. It’s a true Moscato, made from 100% Muscat grapes. Light in alcohol (5.5%), naturally bubbly with green apple and fairy floss, it is sweet but not too sweet. To be honest, it is actually really easy drinking, it’s refreshing and makes you head back for more. I can see this being in a lot of homes over summer this year! Townsville Bulletin, BJ Foley
A pretty pink, sweet and sassy and crafted from a blend of gordo and black muscat grapes. Itll tickle your taste buds with its musky notes on the nose, candied strawberries and toffee apples and persistent fizz. Try it with some fruit tarts or a cheese platter. Illawarra Mercury, Kerry Skinner
You can get this on tap in some of Melbournes swanky establishments where its commonly referred to as giggle juice and its popularity has been phenomenal to say the least. These guys are trendsetters extraordinaire, and really know what theyre doing and have created a super bright and zesty wine with a delicious fruit salad-like burst of flavour..." Surf Coast & Bellarine Times, Jon Helmer


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