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Inniskillin Sparkling Ice Wine 2011 375ml (Canada)

An extraordinarily delicious and unique Dessert Sparkling wine that has been crafted using Icewine as a Cuvée and produced in accordance with the Méthode Cuve Close. During fermentation, the naturally occurring carbon dioxide is trapped inside the stainless steel tank and dissolves into the wine. Sparkling Icewine, on its own, helps celebrate any occasion as an apéritif or will pair divinely with fresh fruit platters, fruit soup, soufflés, genoise cakes, and sorbets. A delightful surprise with fondue or cheeses such as Roquefort, Mascarpone and Gorgonzola.

100% Vidal grapes grown in the Niagara Peninsula. The ripe berries were dehydrated through constant freezing and thawing during the winter months, a process that concentrated the sugars, acids and extracts in the berries, thereby intensifying the flavors and giving the Sparkling Icewine its immense complexity. The entire vineyard was carefully covered with netting to protect the sweet, ripe berries from ravaging birds though some of the crop was lost to wind damage and the weight of snow. A laboriously intense but profoundly successful vintage. Winemaker Karl J. Kaiser. 36.1° Brix at harvest. Alcohol 10.0% Sugar 183g/L Acid 10.2 g/L pH 3.10