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True translucent lightly coloured free- run salmon or Fairytale pink with unadulterated orange onionskin hues. The aromatics are true to type and initially delicate or shy then as the glass warms a melange of spices including cardamom with even hints of Lily of the Valley perfume and Pomander that emanate from its core. A initially shy but in the end an extrovert of a wine. Touches of warming raspberry in a summer pudding, blood orange and rose petal. A little whiff of curing ham too.
A drying raspberry entry but raspberries with cream but at the same time fresh and zingy. All in all a long palate that really saturates your tastebuds with flavour but without leaving any impression of weight and then finishes with uplifting red fruit acidity. There is so much going on with this Fairytale. With air and warming in the glass a roasted game sauce quality emerges on the back end, giving further intrigue. The robust but lip smacking acidity and textural presence unfolds and acts like magnets to your sense of curiosity and next mouthful.
Please note: this wine should be tasted from the first pour to the last sip – at any hour of the day with almost any food occasion. Feel free to serve ice cold and then allow to warm in the glass as you go along, to activate the seemingly living nature of its contents. Don’t serve this wine at room temperature or much of the magic or the Fairytale will be lost.


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