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The N.V. Calliope Muscat is dark amber-colored with aromas and flavors of figs, dates, prunes, and maple syrup. The wine is amazingly fresh and well-defined with a finish that goes on and on. R. L. Buller & Son was started in 1921 by the grandfather of Andrew Buller, the current winemaker. The winery remains one of the quality leaders in the production of sweet wines from the warm terroir of Rutherglen. Moreover, the wines cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Wine Advocate # 173; Oct 2007 Jay Miller 99 points

Rutherglen is ground zero for one of Australia's great treasures, old fortified Muscats and Tokays (Actually Muscadelle), and Buller's offerings are brilliant examples of these wines.  The Premium Fine Muscats and Tokays are made from material averaging 10-12 years of age and the Calliope Rare Muscats and Tokays are around 50 years of age.  They are spectacular sweet efforts with good acidity that keeps them from tasting cloying or heavy. The Calliope Rare Muscat boasts a deep, dark amber colour as well as layers of flavour and constantly changing aromatics of brown sugar, fig, molasses and Lord knows what else.  It is an extraordinary beverage.100 Points; Robert M. Parker, The Wine Advocate, 08/03 Issue

The Calliope Rare Muscat’s light amber color is followed by an intoxicating fragrance that includes scents of prunes, figs, maple syrup, molasses, and gobs of fruit. The glycerin is extraordinary, the acid level provides freshness and definition, and the finish lasts over a minute.
This blend represents the newest bottled offerings from this Rutherglen producer, an area that produces spectacular fortifieds, especially the Muscats and Tokays (actually Muscadelle). Its freshness, good acidity, soaring aromatics, and unctuous flavors must be tasted to be believed. Wine Advocate #161 (Oct 2005)  Robert Parker 96 points 


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